About Us

We Are Professional Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Provider

Welcome To AC Bulatao Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services


AC Bulatao understands that our greatest asset is our people. We have a team of dedicated and highly trained, installers, technicians and assistants.

AC Bulatao experiences span over 35 years of practice in the Air-Conditioning industry and have worked on a wide range of systems. These include single-unit installations to multiple-unit complexes, large multi-unit commercial systems systems.

Our breadth of experience, combined with the quality of our physical assets, enable AC Bulatao to be highly responsible to the needs of our clients.


We pride ourselves on our strong technical expertise and superior quality of workmanship and have acquired an excellent reputation within the industry.

Acting as a subcontractor for a number of building and construction companies, we know how to work in project-based environments and understand the critical importance of meeting deadlines. We will not hesitate to "go the extra mile" if the situation warrants it.

We are frequently complimented on our efficient and professional approach, and the fact that we manage to deliver on all of our commitments.